10 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Writing Your Dissertation

Some people fail in dissertation writing, not because they were not prepared by majorly because of a few mistakes that distort the beauty of the work done. These mistakes can be avoided. Normally, most professors will use these mistakes as an excuse to deny you good marks. To avoid this, simply be keen and make sure you have mastered the following top 10 mistakes so that you will be able to avoid them.

  • Avoid inappropriate spellings
  • To be a good writer, you must read a lot of materials and master the grammar used. You have to know the correct spelling of a given word before you can use it in your writing.

  • Avert from inappropriate repetition
  • Although there could be some ideas you might want to repeat in your writing, you have to avoid using the very same words you initially used. A lot of repetition in a paper is a direct suggestion of inadequacy of information. Therefore, make sure you convince your readers.

  • Shun away from use of complex words
  • At times, some writers make mistakes by using certain complex words which the readers cannot understand. You have to avoid this to ensure that everyone who skims through the paper is able to comprehend everything.

  • Use brief and precise sentences
  • When very long sentences are used to compose a dissertation, the entire work might seem very boring. There is also an increased tendency of making multiple trying and spelling errors which you can otherwise easily avoid by use of short precise sentences.

  • Avoid incorrect use of punctuation marks
  • There are many punctuation marks and every student should be able to understand the correct use of each. Avoid place these marks in positions they do not fit.

  • Avoid copying and pasting other people’s work
  • There are some people who are fond of copying some information from a different and personalize them. In case you have any information from a different source, you must be able to give appropriate citation.

  • Keep away from inappropriate citations
  • When citing your sources, you need to ensure that you understand the specified writing style as per the instructions and make correct citations based on its standard guidelines.

  • Avoid giving wrong details
  • On the first page of the paper, you have to give the correct title of the dissertation, followed by other appropriate personal details. Avoid giving details that do not belong to you.

  • Do not use information from unreliable sites
  • When you choose to get content from the internet, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that, not all sites are safer and contain reliable information. Avoid those that have information that has not been well researched on.

  • Long titles
  • These are topics that normally mind-numb the reader because they contain nothing that can draw one’s attention. Make sure you avoid them.