Essential Tips On Formatting An Undergraduate Dissertation Signature Page

When you are working on your dissertation, they are many things to consider. Your school will have set rules, obligations, procedures, and information that you will need to be very aware of as you work. Your faculty advisor can help you with many of these things, but ultimately it is your job to do each step correctly. You will need to use our essential tips on formatting your undergraduate dissertation signature page.

Tips and Hints for the Signature Page

  • Your faculty advisor will need to actually sign this sheet. The school will then place the school seal stamp on the signature page. The college registrar will do this for you after you have submitted the piece and it has actually been approved.
  • One final copy signed signature page and then one extra title thesis page will need to go to your school’s Student Service Center or registrar. Your documents should tell you where to take the paperwork.
  • Some schools will give you a downloadable sample signature page. If your school does not give you a model, you get one from a reputable site online. Your advisor should also have some samples for you to peruse.
  • You need at least 1.5” margin on the side to be bound (the left). The top, bottom, and right side margins should be 1.0”.
  • You will need to include your name on the sheet. On the upper right hand corner of the header, which is right, justified, is where you need to place it.
  • A small version of the entire page will look like this

Signature Page text Student Name

Approved for the _______________Department:

____________________________________ (Susie Smith) Advisor

Approved for the Whatever University Committee on Graduate Studies.

Many people use a writing service for the end details of the piece. Some of those things might be this sheet, all formatting, all copying, all compiling, all proofing, and editing. What people tend to discover is that they are simply exhausted from the entire process, but they realize how important the piece’s appearance is. By handing off this part of the process, you can relax in knowing that you are in good hands and you are at the end of the entire process.

However you decide to do this, by yourself or with a professional, they will be many models for you to follow. You can get help from your advisor and you can also ask peers who have all ready one this to help you. You are not alone in creating the dissertation signature sheet.