Effective Advice On How To Prepare For Your University Dissertation Defense

A dissertation defense is one of the defining moments in your academic pursuit. It crowns all the efforts you have made to come up with the paper. To ensure that you get a favorable outcome, you must prepare adequately. Since this is a rare moment in your life, you want to make it perfect by giving it your all. How then do you prepare for this moment?

Be Armed With Facts

At this level of learning you must be conversant with the details of your paper. It is you who has been working on the paper and should therefore know all the facts. Instead of using the entire document to make your presentation, prepare short notes in points form. It is from these points that you will anchor your presentation. Expect questions from any section of your paper and be prepared to answer them. The panel will not entertain excessive reference to the document. They expect you to be conversant with the details and therefore there is no need to refer extensively.

Conduct Mock Presentations

Before your presentation attend other dissertation defense forums and understand what takes place. Gather a panel of friends, colleagues, peers, etc and make mock presentations on your topic. This familiarizes you with the actual event and thus reduces the tension that emanates from the actual presentation. Your audience will criticize your delivery and enable you to improve as you prepare for the actual defense.

Take Deep Breaths

The presentation should not be treated as torture. Whenever tension builds up, take deep breaths to relax your body and mind. It allows you to think through your presentation and the questions being asked. With a clear mind, the likelihood of missing a point asked by the audience is reduced.

Record Yourself

In case you do not have an opportunity to gather an audience, a recording of your presentation will help you to review your performance. A simple gadget like a smart phone or domestic camera will be enough to produce a high quality paper. Check your tone, understanding of facts and delivery with the aim of improving them.

Consult Your Supervisor

Your supervisor and his dissertation committee have a task of guiding you to a successful end. Work with them when preparing for the actual defense. They may also form a part of your mock presentation. Take their comments seriously since they will have little say during the actual presentation. Tap into their experience to improve on your performance.