What It Takes To Create A Good Conclusion For A Dissertation

Writing a good conclusion for your dissertation is an important aspect of essay writing. Your conclusion will leave a lasting impression on your reader, so you want to make sure it leaves a good one. Here are some suggestions for creating a good conclusion for your dissertation.

  • Your conclusion will emphasize the importance of your hypothesis.
  • Your conclusion will echo the introduction to take the reader full circle. You can briefly state the original question, hypothesis or problem, and show how your paper has been helpful in answering this question or solving this problem.
  • Your conclusion will summarize the main points of your paper. However, do not simply repeat the points you made in the body of your paper. Try to restate these points in a different way, but without introducing any new information.
  • Your conclusion will stress the importance of your paper and why it is useful and meaningful.
  • Your conclusion will turn the specific ideas discussed in the body of your paper into general ideas, to help the reader think more widely about the topic discussed.
  • Your conclusion will leave your readers with something to ponder and reflect on. In your conclusion, you may want to challenge your reader to consider how the discussion in your paper might apply to them. For example, if your paper was about volunteering, you may want to write something like “volunteering challenges us to take an active role in our local community.”
  • Your conclusion can point your reader to the future. You could briefly state how the information you have provided in your paper can help us look forward and see potential issues if the problems discussed in your paper are not addressed. For example, if your paper is about recycling you could briefly state in your conclusion that if people do not take this seriously, there could be harmful consequences for future generations.
  • Your conclusion can also pose questions for further reflection. This leaves the reader with something to think about may help them to look at an issue from another perspective. For example, “do warnings on cigarette packets deter people from smoking, or is there another way to inform people about the health risks of smoking?”
  • Your conclusion can also make suggestions for further research in the area discussed in your paper.

Following these suggestions will help you summarize your research and assist the reader in coming to a full understanding of your point of view.