Free Tutorial On Composing A PhD Dissertation Dedication Section

A PhD dissertation dedication section is not a mandatory part of your writing but it may be something you would want to include. Here is a free tutorial on composing a PhD dissertation dedication section:

  • Understand that this section is not necessary for your dissertation. You don’t count this in your word count and you don’t necessarily have to follow your citation style with this section.
  • The dedication section can show your sense of humor and can be written in any style you would like. You can be as emotional as you wish with this section and don’t have to be professional like you did in the rest of your paper.
  • Remember that even though you don’t have to be professional with the writing, it should still be well written with no grammar or spelling errors.
  • This section is dedicated to who helped you stick with your studies and helped you along in your career. This section isn’t necessarily for the person that helped you directly with your paper because you have an acknowledgement page for that. This is an opportunity to thank your parents or others who are close to you that helped you in a supporting role.
  • You would include this dissertation dedication after your acceptance letter of your dissertation. Don’t include it in your table of contents or in your word count.
  • When you write your dedication make sure you include why you chose them in the first place. Make it as personal as you choose. You may want to include something that only you and the person you are dedicating to would understand.
  • Introduce the person you want to dedicate the dissertation to so they will be proud of being selected. Give them the respect they deserve and show them how much you really care by what you say about them.
  • Make sure you remain respectful of the person you are dedicating your work to. If it is your professor then address them in the proper manner. If it is your mother you can use informal names such as Mom or Mommy. Remember the person you are dedicating the work to will want to be proud of what you are saying about them and not insulted.

A PhD dissertation dedication section is not necessary but it is something that you probably should include because there are people that you should show your appreciation to even if they were not directly responsible for anything in the paper.