Helpful Advice On How To Ease The Dissertation Writing Process

Dissertation writing is a piece of scholarly writing where the writer has to be well aware of various facets like the format of writing, good knowledge of the topic, grammatical part, typo errors and research segment. Some students get panic at the name of dissertation writing, but the fact is that it’s not that difficult. Throughout the writing process, the writer needs to communicate his thoughts in a proper and organised manner whether in brief and at length based on the writing requirements. They need to follow the instructor’s suggestions while meeting the guidelines of the research work.

How the writing process can be facilitated?

Pick a topic that you are passionate about. According to Tony Morrison- “If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

Your dissertation writing should go through following steps one by one

  • Select the topic: Think which subject allures you and you have good hands on. The topic should be attention grabbing and should match the audience type. The title should be such that it says a lot in few words.
  • Research work: In this section you need to carry your research before picking your pen for writing. Do an extensive research. Go through college and university libraries. Surf web; look into journals, blogs magazines and websites. Talk to scholarly students, seniors and mentors.
  • Talking with committee: After selecting the topic and researching for the content to be written, show it to the committee and seek their confirmation regarding the legitimacy of the topic and the gathered material, ask what else to be covered.
  • Writing part: Once everything is verified, prepare an outline and jot down important elements in their serial order. Go through the guidelines and adhere to it strictly. Formatting is another component that should be paid attention too. Look for the citation style; go through the conference papers, presentations and the style to be followed.
  • Stay focussed: You need to stay focussed all the time in terms of collected content. Highlight all the major points in the form of sections and subsections and arrange them in separate binders. Many times, things get lost if organisation is missing. Stay focussed for grammatical errors, typos etc too.
  • Time management: Make sure that you complete your writing work before hand and keep enough time for revision too.
  • Getting feedback: When all the above steps are completed, ask your friend or any other scholarly person to go through your content and seek feedback.
  • Revision: Revise and make correction, if necessary.

Once done, it’s high time to submit.