Places To Check In Search Of A Well Written Dissertation Sample In Education

Writing term papers may be hard, but it’s nothing compared to writing a dissertation. Usually, students are encouraged to choose a topic they like and regard it as a brilliant opportunity to research it, but the harsh truth is that very few enjoy writing their thesis. Ironically, students majoring in education are not an exception. Many of those who are going to evaluate someone’s dissertations in a couple of years are toiling over their thesis now, hating it with all their heart.

What is the Structure of a Thesis?

Just like any other academic paper, a dissertation in education has to be well-structured, well-formatted, and written in clear and concise language. Here are the sections it should include:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results and discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography/References
  • Appendices

Where Do I Find Samples of Dissertations in Education?

Most educational establishments provide their students with a guide on how to write any kind of academic paper. However, what many students always want is a sample of somebody’s well-written paper to look at, a pattern to follow. It’s always easier to understand something if you see it, not just read obscure descriptions on how it’s supposed to look like. Of course, if you major in education, reading somebody’s thesis in chemistry won’t help. You’ll have to look for dissertations related to the area of your research.

Here is a list of opportunities to find some well-written thesis samples:

  • Visit your campus library.
  • Some university libraries give students access to online dissertation databases. You may check if your library does.

  • Go to online thesis database.
  • There are quite a few online libraries with access to research papers and theses in different languages. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t free, but a free trial is possible.

  • Ask your doctoral advisor.
  • You may ask your doctoral advisor for a sample of his/her thesis, especially if your topics are similar.

  • Ask a friend.
  • If you happen to have friends PhD who majored in the same thing you do, you may ask them to let you have a look at their thesis.

What to Avoid

Beware of any kind of plagiarism. Remember that you’re looking only looking for an example. Double check if your paper doesn’t even slightly resemble any of the papers you’ve read. When asking your doctoral advisors, teachers or friends for a sample of their paper, take care to explain them that you’re not going to use any of the information in your thesis.