Creating Correct APA Dissertation Citations: A Quick Guide

For every academic paper written, including dissertation papers, there is the need for the sources used to be rightly cited. When you fail to give credit to the sources of your information, your paper automatically becomes plagiarized. Therefore, if you wish to avoid facing such situation, it is important that you carry out proper citations for your paper. In doing this, it is important you understand the format of your paper. If your paper’s format is APA, then you should understand what it takes to correctly cite your paper in the APA format. Not sticking to the specifications is another mistake you don’t want to make.

If you are confused on what it takes to create correct APA dissertation citations, here is a quick guide to help you out. These tips below should prove very helpful:

  • The Author’s Name: When citing your academic paper in the APA format, the last name of the author is typed first. After this, you type in a comma before typing the initial of his or her first name. If the authors are many, you only type the names of the first author and last author. In order to make up for the rest of the authors, you type in “et al” to indicate that there are other authors whose names were not typed.
  • Title of Publication: After you have typed the name(s) of the author(s), the next item that follows is the title of the source you used. In the APA format, this information is typed in quotes.
  • Name of Publication: This option comes when citing an article that is extracted from another published material. This information is presented in italics.
  • Publication Date: This information tells your target readers the date on which the source being referenced was published. In a situation where there is no date, you simply type in “nd” to indicate that there is no date.
  • Page Number: In a situation where the article is extracted from within another publication, it is necessary to indicate the number of the page where the article can be found within such publication.
  • Date Accessed: This is essential when you gathered the information from the internet. In doing this, don’t forget to include the date on which the cited material was accessed on the internet.

This is a quick guide that should take the stress away from you when you it comes to proper APA citation of your dissertation. Have it in mind that no matter how well your paper is written, if the sources are not properly cited, it would surely get you into trouble.