Respower Super/Farm – Pricing


ResPower offers a number of options for purchasing use of the ResPower Super/Farm™. Depending on the 3D software you use, you can access the farm on a metered basis or subscribe for unlimited use on a month-to-month basis.

  • Super/Unlimited™ Subscription Service: With Super/Unlimited Subscriptions, users of the following software packages can use the Super/Farm on an unlimited basis. Frames are given a varying amount of time to complete, depending on the specific package.
    Super/Unlimited Subscriptions: Supported Software
    3dsmax Scanline Maya Software
    Blender Maya Vector
    Brazil r/s V-Ray
    finalRender Vue

    To purchase a subscription now, please click here.

    For more details on subscription options, please see the Subscription Rendering FAQ.

  • Metered Service: This option is available for all software packages. When you submit a render using Metered Service billing, the farm measures the time required to complete your render and charges the appropriate number ofCredits against your account. The rate at which credits are billed is calculated according to this formula:
    credits = render-engine-factor * render-time * processor-speed-ghz * ( processor-bits / 32 );

    Long-time ResPower customers will recognize portions of this formula as looking an awful lot like our formula for GHz*Hrs. Specifically:

    ghz*hrs = render-time * processor-speed-ghz;


    Technical support is available by email for Metered Service render jobs.

    Render Engine Factor Render Engine Factor
    3dsmax Scanline 0.75 Maya Vector 0.75
    Brazil r/s
    finalRender 1.00 V-Ray 0.75
    LightWave 0.50 Vue 0.50
    Maya Software 0.75 Blender 0.50

    The change to Credits unifies the metered pricing structure so that people using multiple render engines can purchase one unit of credit without having to be concerned with whether that unit is compatible with the software they will be using. So now, you can purchase 20,000 Credits and use them for Brazil, LightWave, etc., without having to worry about conversions or additional charges.

    Users who have purchased large blocks of GHz*Hrs, do not worry – your hours will automatically be converted to Credits at the same value as the original GHz*Hrs.

  • Super/Blender™ Subscription Service: This option is available only to users of the Blender 3D software package from subscribers may submit an unlimited number of tasks during their active subscription period. Tasks are allotted 15, 30, or 60 minutes per frame and run at priorities lower than ones running under the other billing methods. Technical support is available only via e-mail.Like other subscription tasks, Super/Blender tasks that do not complete in the allotted time are considered failures. If these tasks fail to complete 3 times, they are considered dead and will not be attempted again without manual intervention.To puchase a subscription now, please click here.For more details on subscription options, please see the Subscription Rendering FAQ.

Please note that if you have credits left from the Pay-per-Task pricing model, contact ResPower support to get these credits converted into Metered credits.


4 Responses to Respower Super/Farm – Pricing

  1. joshex says:

    Super/Blender™ Subscription Service

    I’m using 2.49b of blender, I tried rendering here with this super blender 7 day service for $20

    respower said it was invalid.

    this is starting to make me angry. as nothing would work except metered, and that is costing a fortune… I can’t afford this.

  2. joshex says:

    ummm, nope it was my stupidity, anyone else who enconters this should activate thier subscription by clicking the activation link and then the second link on the next page

    it works wonderfully now.

  3. jake says:

    does Super/Blender still exist? its mentioned various places on the website but not at the subscription link.

    • earlye says:

      Sorry – it is no longer available at this time – we were losing money on every subscription. Blender is still available using metered or any of the other subscription offers.