Maya – Hotkeys

Hotkeys always comes in handy, and can always be a good thing to find out what they are. Here is a list of some hotkeys I have found.

  • F1 = Help
  • F2 = ShowAnimationUI
  • F3 = ShowPolygonsUI
  • F4 = ShowModelingUI
  • F5 = ShowDynamicsUI
  • F6 = ShowRenderingUI
  • F8 = SelectToggleMode
  • F9 = SelectVertexMask
  • F10 = SelectEdgeMask
  • F11 = SelectFacetMask
  • F12 = SelectUVMask

Here are some more I have ran into that can be useful.

  • Z = Redo
  • 0 = HfAttrSelect_Menu
  • 1 = LowQualityDisplay
  • 2 = MediumQualityDisplay
  • 3 = HighQualityDisplay
  • 4 = DisplayWireframe
  • 5 = DisplayShaded
  • 6 = DisplayShadedAndTextured
  • 7 = DisplayLight
  • 8 = PaintEffectsPanel

You can find these, and more by going to Window>Settings/Preferences>Hotkey Editor. Then after the pop up window shows up of the editor, on the far right is a List All.. button. Clicking on this can show you what all the keys are tied to. It also tells you which keys are also free as well.

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