Modeling a human head in Maya: Part 2

Getting a Reference Image into Maya

For this part here, I looked online for guides and tutorials on how to set up a reference image inside Maya. I was able to locate a decent one on youtube. Sometimes it is amazing what all you can find there.

With your Maya opened, you should see your viewport in the left hand side of the screen. Beside the viewport, you should see several buttons that you can click on. About half way down the buttons is the list of viewport options can select from. The one you will want is the “Four View” Button.

When you select this, it will switch to the four viewports mode that is a little easier to set up an image in. The four viewports remind me of 3ds Max a little, which is good for me.

Now,  look at your bottom left viewport, this one is the front angle which can use to set up your first image. At the very top left corner of the viewport is the “View” Button.  Clicking this will give you a drop down window with several options. The one you would use is near the bottom called “Image Plane” which will in turn offer a couple more choices. While holding your mouse over “Image Plane” be sure to select “Import Image” which will open a browser on your computer that can use to select which image to load into Maya.

Now, you just have to pick which file you wish to load into the scene as a plane. Selecting the one you wish will place an image plane into Maya that will have the image that you selected on it. Do this to both the bottom left viewport and the bottom right. Should look like this when finished, but with your own image there.

Now you have your reference image planes in the scene.

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Always had a love for gaming, and as a result.. I took interest in wanting to make them someday. I have a degree in Animation and Game Design which I gained in 2010 from Virginia College. I have to say my greatest interests in modeling would be a toss up between ships from the 1800s as well as earlier and architecture such as castles. Always had a love of both as most my friends know from my fascination with pirates.
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