Rendered At ResPower: Dean Fritzel


Dean Fritzel sent us this reduced-size version of a 20 ft x 16 ft (6m x 4.8m) tradeshow booth that he rendered using ResPower’s Split/Frame rendering system. He had this to say:

A while back I was in search of a render farm to render an image 20 feet wide by 16 feet tall for the backdrop trade show booth. I called all render farms I found on Google, comparing prices, and was blown away at how much it would cost! Ranges were from $4000.00-$12000.00. Those were only estimates. There was no way anyone could give me a solid figure until the actually rendered it because they charge by processor hour.

Then I found ResPower. The price was amazing, and the customer service was by far some of the best I have dealt with. Because the file and output was so enormous, there were of course some hick-ups, but the guys at ResPower were on top of it and bent over backwards to fix any issues and get the render done before deadline.

Check them out. I don’t work for them, and am not getting paid to post this. Just wanted to help anyone else that is in search of rendering your large projects at a low cost.


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