Rendered At the ResPower Render Farm


See what others have rendered on the ResPower Super/Farm™. Obviously this list is not complete; we only post items here with our customers’ permission in keeping with our privacy policy. We’re always looking for new items to include here. As you can see, this page actively promotes our customers while at the same time promoting us. Please, if you use our services, contact us and we’ll consider your work for posting here.

Piece: Dean Fritzel: Accurex
Date: 2008 November
Artist: Dean Fritzel, Greenheck

Mr Fritzel had to make a lot of pixels in a short time. Everybody else wanted thousands and thousands of dollars. ResPower wanted hundreds, and provided amazing support.
Piece: The works of Allan Liddle
Date: 2008 May
Artist: Allan Liddle, DNA Pixels

Mr Liddle is an artist out of South Africa. Check out this short interview and be sure to also check out his animated shorts.
Piece: White Tiger Legend [trailer]
Date: 2007 May
Artist: Kory Juul

A Greater Source of Power Already Exists. Seek The Source
Piece: Vista at JFK
Date: 2007 April
Artist: Tronic Studio

How do you promote the wide-open feel of Windows Vista? With a wide, panoramic display, 230 feet long!
Piece: Gridlife
Date: 2006 November
Artist: Theo Burt

A new take on Conway’s Game of Life.
Piece: Ginza Promo
Date: 2006 November
Artist: Brooklyn Digital Foundry

Gucci’s setting up shop in Ginza, and it’s going to look cool!
(For those who don’t know, our “resident former Tokyo resident” tells us that Ginza is the super-posh area of the greater metropolitan Tokyo area.)
Piece: Man in Man
Date: 2006 October
Artist: Sacha Goedegebure

Erm, um… Just watch it. It’s funny. We promise.
Piece: Griffon – Busch Gardens
Date: 2006 August
Artist: Spectrum Graphics

In late spring 2007, a mythical beast will descend on Busch Gardens Europe; Half eagle, half lion … Immense strength; 205 feet up – More than 70 mph; The World’s Tallest Dive Coaster: The Griffon!
Piece: O Boticario
Date: 2006 May
Artist: Michael Marcondes

This is an environmental advertisement done in Blender. Rendered using YAFRAY, this is a perfect example of professional results from open source tools.
Piece: Adidas + Jenna Jameson
Date: 2006 March
Artist: Tronic Studio

Jenna Jameson flexes her muscles as never before as a mallet wheeling, white clad, arcade obsessed femme-fatale in this viral spot for Adidas. Conceived, directed and animated by NYC creative collective Tronic this spot gives a whole new meaning to being hit over the head.
Piece: Herbie, Fully Loaded Date: 2005 March – May
Artist: Rusty Ippolito, Make Visual Effects
Synopsis: It’s Herbie. ‘Nuf said.
Piece: The Potter
Date: 2005 April
Artist: Josh Burton
The Potter is an ancient creature who gives life to clay. In his care is an apprentice who wants learn how.

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