Super/UV Plug-in – Installation

  1. Install Super/UV Into Lightwave Modeler 7.5c
    • Extract the .p file.
    • Install it into Modeler like you would any other .p file.
  2. Assign Buttons to Super/UV Commands
    • Assign buttons or keystrokes as you would with any Lightwave Plug-in to the following eight commands that ResPower Super/UV adds to Lightwave Modeler:
      • SUVPolySnap
      • SUVPolyMove
      • SUVPolyScale
      • SUVPolyRotate
      • SUVPolyStretch
      • SUVMapExport
      • SUVMapFit
      • SUVFitStretch
      • SUVAbout

      Example Procedure For Assigning Buttons

      1. Select Interface->Edit Menu Layout from the Lightwave Modeler menu.
      2. In the “Configure Menus” dialog, expand “Additional” and scroll down until you see the Super/UV commands. They all start with “SUV”, and the list is alphabetized. It is normal for them to be greyed out.
      3. On the right-hand side, expand Main Menu, and Select “Map”. Click on the “New Group” button in the set of commands along the right-hand side of the dialog. Select the “New Group” that this creates inside of “Map” and click “Rename”. Rename the group to Super/UV.
      4. Select the “Super/UV” group in the right-hand column and the first Super/UV command in the left hand column. Click “Add”. This will add SUVMapExport to the “Super/UV” group on the Map tab.
      5. For each remaining Super/UV command, repeat the previous step.
      6. Click done, and marvel at your new-fangled Super/UV menu.

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