Medieval Shield with Family Crest in V-Ray Materials for Max Part 2

For this Portion of the Medieval Shield, I will begin to model the shield itself inside max. I will walk you through the steps I take so you can follow along with me.

Getting the Shape Right

Our First step will be to actually get the model of the shield made. First step I would recommend would be the outline. To start with this, click on create on the Create Tab on the Right hand side box. Now click on Shapes, and last select Line. So should be Create Tab>Shapes>Line.

Now trace out the outline of the shield, being sure to leave enough vertexes in the line to help out the shield look better later on. Once you have the outline trace using Line, it should look like so.

Filling Out the Shape

This step is pretty short and simple. To make the shield be solid and to fill in the gap, all have to do it pick Shell. So this should be Modify tab>Modifier List> Shell.

After you have done this, the outline should be filled in like so. Now your shield should look like this here below.

Turning it into a Shield

Now that you have the object filled out, it is time to convert it to an editable poly so can make more adjustments to the shield. First step is to right click on the object with your mouse. You should see a bunch of options in a list. Pick Convert to > Convert to Editable Poly from the slide out menu.

Next step you want to select Polygon from the drop down list and select the polygon of the whole center of the shield. Now select Outline on the right hand side.









Now be sure to stretch it out enough to form the area where the lining would be for the shield. Try to get it close to the image below.


Now using Polygon selection again, select all the outer polygons that make up the edge area of the shield so it will be like so. Remember, selected polygons will show up in red.

Now select Extrude from the list of options from the right hand side. It will be right next to Outline.

Now just extrude it out enough so you have some height above the surface of the shield. This is where the frame that holds the shield will be.

About Tempest

Always had a love for gaming, and as a result.. I took interest in wanting to make them someday. I have a degree in Animation and Game Design which I gained in 2010 from Virginia College. I have to say my greatest interests in modeling would be a toss up between ships from the 1800s as well as earlier and architecture such as castles. Always had a love of both as most my friends know from my fascination with pirates.
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