Medieval Shield with Family Crest in V-Ray Materials for Max Part 1

Today, I am using 3ds Max 2012 64 bit with V-Ray 2.20.03. I’ve always been a fan of the Middle Ages, and even though I don’t know much about my family history, I have found our family crest. Our family was Scottish that owned land near the Scottish English border during the Middle Ages. Ever since had found our family crest, always thought about modeling a shield for it.

Finding a Reference

The first step is pretty much a dead give away. Before modeling anything, you need to find some reference images for the item you would like to model. As far as shields go, there are many… many different types. I searched on google for images of shields and came up with several ideas. Since I was doing a Scottish shield, I didn’t want to model one based on the movie Braveheart. I might love that movie to death, but I heard it wasn’t the most accurate showing of it. After some browsing, I noticed a painting with William Wallace as he was leading his knights to a battle. I shall attach this below as inspiration for my shield.

Next, I was able to find a decent reference shape that I will use to model the shield, and slowly turn it into one similar to the painting.


Setting up the Reference Image

Now that we know which shield type we wish to model, now it is time to actually set that into max. I would recommend using a plane, and setting it out in front view port. Make sure the plane has both length and width segments of 1 each. Reason for this is due to it being just a plane that we will have the reference pasted up on. It should look like the below image when you have it all set up and ready.

Next step you will have to do to be sure that the image is set correctly will be to do a bitmap fit of the image so that the ratio of the image isn’t warped. In order to do this, you select Modify panel, and on the Modifier list you will want to select UVW Map. Now scroll down till see the Alignment section and hit the button for Bitmap Fit. Next you select the image of the reference you are using.

About Tempest

Always had a love for gaming, and as a result.. I took interest in wanting to make them someday. I have a degree in Animation and Game Design which I gained in 2010 from Virginia College. I have to say my greatest interests in modeling would be a toss up between ships from the 1800s as well as earlier and architecture such as castles. Always had a love of both as most my friends know from my fascination with pirates.
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