VRay Plane

Creating the Plane

I was playing around with different options in VRay under “Create” tab. If you select the drop down window and click on VRay, a new list of options will appear to replace the standard one. One of them is VRayPlane. Don’t be confused with the drop down window of Create as VRay options will not be listed there. You will have to look at the tab on the right hand side beside the viewports. Now all you have to do is click on the button, then click somewhere on the “Top Viewport” to place it.

Adjusting the Plane

You can select which color you wish the plane to be form a list of  colors when you click on the color box button. The only thing you can’t adjust is the size like a normal plane in max. The reason for this is when you render out the plane in V-Ray setup, the VRayPlane will stretch out for the entire image of the render. Only adjustments you have to make is the color and how ever high you wish for it to be.

Testing the Plane

Now, feel free to toss out a sphere or teacup onto the plane itself. Make adjustments to the plane with either lowering it or raising. Make sure to render it after each change to see adjustments you made.

About Tempest

Always had a love for gaming, and as a result.. I took interest in wanting to make them someday. I have a degree in Animation and Game Design which I gained in 2010 from Virginia College. I have to say my greatest interests in modeling would be a toss up between ships from the 1800s as well as earlier and architecture such as castles. Always had a love of both as most my friends know from my fascination with pirates.
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